There was a time when there was no Mister Stress.  Before having a job, taking on a mortgage, getting married, the glorious news of an expanding family, figuring out ways to balance a budget, and more importantly making sure there would be something in retirement.  It was not even that long ago either – maybe 4 or 5 years ago before there was a semblance of stress.  That was pre-everything I just listed above.  Those days can be surmised as knowing there would be stressful times ahead, but not knowing what those stressful times would entail.  Not dumb, but not oblivious either.

Now stress is a daily thing, but it turns out that I like stress and even thrive on stress.  I don’t prefer things to be stressful, actually I much rather have an empty to do list, but it seems I am in my element when I am up against a wall.
I probably worry too much and do often find myself running numbers in my head before I to sleep.  Some people may count sheep before bed, but I count ways to save more, spend less, and maximize everything we do.What makes you stressed?